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Thoracoic Surgery


What is Thoracic Surgery?
Thoracic Surgery is the medical specialty dealing with surgical diseases within the thorax except the heart and large vessels and breasts in women.

What does Thoracic Surgery deal with?
Thoracic surgery deals with congenital deformities and acquired tumors of the thorax, particularly stenoses and tumors of the airways, congenital and acquired surgical diseases of the lung, and surgical diseases of the esophagus and diaphragm.

Breast Surgery is a different field than Thoracic Surgery.
Breast Surgery is a separate branch where the risk of breast cancer is evaluated and treatment options are planned according to findings achieved as a result of examinations. Treatment of benign and malignant masses of the breast, infections, and breast pain also falls within the area of breast surgery.

At the Thoracic Surgery Department of Sante Plus Hospital, we treat surgically thoracic and lung diseases in a range of patients from newborns to adults.

Which surgical procedures do we perform in our department?
Cancer surgery
Emphysema surgery
Minimal invasive thoracic surgery (lung and pleural biopsies, hyperhidrosis sympathectomy and lobectomy done via video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery)
Mediastinoscopy– Bronchoscopy
Repairs of deformity of the chest wall (Nuss technique)
Chest wall tumors
Diaphragm surgery
Tuberculosis surgery
Tracheal surgery and tracheal stents

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