Radiation Oncology

Our infrastructure is now equipped with the most advanced radiation oncology technologies to serve its domestic and international patients under the greater umbrella of providing most up-to-date cancer care. Newly shaped Radiation Oncology Department is now capable of providing all types of radiation oncology treatments for all types of cancers with the most-advanced technologies available in the World.


CYBERKNIFE M6 Cyberknife M6™ is a rare robotic surgery device dedicated to stereotactic radiosurgery today with its presence ensuring patient comfort and easy applications compared to conventional systems. It is profoundly used in malignant or benign diseases localized in the brain, in tumors localized in the spine, head and neck, lung, pancreas, liver, adrenal and prostate glands. 


General specifications of CYBERKNIFE M6: Reduced treatment duration with high dose speed. Less side effects, excellent protection for surrounding tissues and organs. Painless procedure. Ambulatory treatment, no hospitalization required. Non-invasive. No invasive metal frame screwdown to the head or body. No anesthesia. No breatholding required with organ motion tracking during treatment. No recovery period. Fast return to normal activities for patients.


VARIAN EDGE Varian Edge™; Edge System is a device that can apply many treatment techniques such as IMRT, VMAT, SRS and SBRT on the same platform. The key points of the Varian Edge system are precision and treatment accuracy. The entire system works with mechanical precision below 1 millimeter. Thus, it is possible to carry out tumor irradiation with millimetric accuracy while preserving the healthy organs in the environment with the same sensitivity. All tumors inside the head and body can be easily treated with this device.


RADIXACT Radixact, another Accuray product, is the most recent model of a device family known as “tomotherapy”. Helical drug delivery is its most important feature. The system is a combination of megavoltage computed tomography function and linear accelerator. Device consists of two arrays of multileaf collimator and 6 MV linac system. The irradiation is applied by a gantry with continuousrotation, similar to a computed tomography device.


Main treatment methods performed with Radixact are: Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT, 3DCRT) Image-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) Adaptive Radiotherapy

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