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Prosthetics & Phsical Therapy


What is the Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation?
The Physical Treatment is to cure the diseases by using variable physiotherapy methods such as hot, cold, electric currents, and exercises.

What is The Rehabilitation?
It is to raise the physical, spiritual, social, occupational, private occupation and educational potential of the persons who are physiologically and anatomically insufficient, having compliance problem with their environments, to the highest level. The purpose is to make handicapped and disabled obtain independence as far as possible in physical, spiritual, economical, and social aspects.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT)
General Information: The shock wave therapy (ossa-therapy) is a new method of treatment depending on the fact that the shock wave formed by the electro-hydraulic principle focuses on the required part of the body and creates a treatment effect there through an ellipsoid. It is the usage of the method used in urology kidney electroshock wave lithotripsy, as a physical treatment method with a device specially developed.

The common feature of the publications related to the application of the shock wave treatment is that it has very little complications and side-effects, and its rate of success is high. It is advantageous since it is a non-surgical treatment method.

Its Benefits for Patients: A wide area of applications, it does not require anesthesia, precise treatment, a great pace of betterment, the increase of movement and life quality, an economic treatment… The 80% of the patients have declared that they have recovered from the pain or there is reduce in the ache just after 3 or 4 sessions.

Its Benefits for the Therapist: Short sessions of treatment, secure application, satisfaction of patients, quick result, the ease of usage and care, and lower follow-up costs.

Indications (Areas of Use)
Heel Spur (Calcar calcaneitis)- Plantar fascia infection
Tibialis anterior syndrome
Patellar syndrome- Patellar tendinopathy
Arthralgias and injuries depending on the sports injuries
Hip pains- Trochanteric Bursitis
Inguinal pains
Shoulder pains (Arthritis, calcific tendinitis, fuzzy shoulder)
Epicondylitis- Tennis elbow
Degenerative joint disease -Arthritis
The pains in palmar face of the wrist
Chronic enthesopathies
Alert spots- Myofascial Pain syndrome
Acupuncture points
Unset fractures (Pseudoarthrosis)
Aseptic necrosis
Osgood-Schlatter disease
Reflexes Sympathetic Dystrophy
Heterotopic Ossification

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