The most important factors that determine the medical condition of a child are the approach of the parents, social and physical environmental conditions, and the medical service he/she gets.

Olimpos-pediatrics has aimed to provide the medical service required by children and adolescents in cooperation with their parents in a suitable atmosphere with the staff of doctors who are sophisticated and knowing about the problems and approaches, which are special to age groups, and working in a team spirit.

Sante Plus Hospital Pediatric Clinics consists of the subunits of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Inpatient Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, and Pediatric Polyclinic.

From the treatment of the newborn child in the delivery room, the stable pediatric following of children between the ages 0-15, immunization, the services of diagnosis and treatment have been carried out by the specialists. Hearing and seeing controls, which are the significant phases in the follow-up of the healthy children, have also been realized in cooperation with other units of the hospital. Moreover, the presence of the major branches like the pediatric surgery, eye diseases, otorhinolaryngologic diseases, dermatology, orthopedics, nutrition and diet in our hospital, have enabled a more comprehensive and qualitative approach in many heath problems. The visualization like roentgen, ultrasonography, tomography, magnetic resonance, and the microbiology and biochemistry laboratories, in which all kinds of test have been done, has enabled the patients to make their operations carried out more rapidly.

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