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Pediatric Surgery


Pediatric department of Sante Plus Group includes care for newborn babies and children until the age of 18. Consisting surgical treatment of the urinary system, genital system, digestive system and the respiratory system disorders.
•    Inguinal hernia,
•    Undescended testicle,
•    Hydrocele,
•    Cord cyst,
•    Hipospadias (circumcision for the prophet),
•    Circumcision,
•    Exomphalos,
•    Appendix,
•    Invagination,
•    Hemangioma,
•    Torticolisis,
•    Tiroglossal cyst,
•    Constipation,
•    Feces incontinence,
•    Urine incontinence,
•    Cyst dermoid sacral

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