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Cancer is a health problem with an increasing concern. In the past, the cancer treatment consisted of directly surgical treatment of the tumor and radiotherapy. Although these eliminate a primary tumor, the metastasis (spreading) could be insufficient to prevent information. Therefore, after surgery and radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy begins.


Question: How does cancer occur?


Answer: The cells are born, grow and die. This case is under genetic control. This control, because of the imbalanced control, creates increasing of tumor issues either from developing in a large number or because of the living cells.


Question: What are the symptoms of cancer?


Answer: After the occurrence of cancersis understood that, the disease is in progress. The goal is to catch the very early stages of the symptoms before the appearance of the disease.


Question: Which are the most cancers?


Answer: The most common cancer in men are lung, prostate and colon cancer. In women, breast, cervical, lung and colon cancer.


Question: What is the contemporary way of cancer treatment?


Answer: Today multidisciplinary cancer treatment is carried out with a combination and corporation of more branches together. It is in between the compromise of medical oncologist, surgeons, pathologists, radiation oncologists and radiologist. The way of treatment these days is through surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


Question: How effective is the treatment?


Answer: The treatment these days is only possible if caught early. With an early surgery, the removed tumor can appear and spread again so, it necessary for additional use of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment methods to prevent it.


Question: Are people conscious enough about early detection?


Answer: The consciousness of the society about early diagnosis of cancer is increasing day by day. Cancer treatment is possible if caught in the early stages. In that case, for cancer carefree, people must make health control on a regular basis.

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