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The department of Neurosurgery of Sante Plus Group incorporates the latest technology with experienced staff and advanced intensive care service at the best level considering neurology.

In Sante Plus Group with the principle of Microsurgical Discectomy, Herniated Disc treatments and surgical procedures are performed in a painless and successful way.

•    Herniated disc (disc hernia)
•    Hernia necl (cervical disc hernica)
•    Vertebral fractures and slippery, unstable backbone
•    Head trauma
•    Pituitary tumors
•    Brain tumors
•    Spinal cord tumor
•    Brain hemorrhages (aneurysmal hemorrhage, vascular malformations, etc.)
•    Birth anomalies and child neurosurgery 
•    Hydrocephalus (accumulation of water in the brain)
•    Peripheral nerve compression
•    Epilepsy surgery
•    Pain surgery (trigeminal)
•    Parkinson’s surgery 

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